Hoofs & Woofs Pet Care Services


Hoofs and Woofs offers full-service pet sitting for horses, ponies, dogs, cats, fish, birds, pigs, bunnies and much more! We specialize in giving superior custom care to pets, whether for a day or an extended period of time.  At Hoofs and Woofs, we know that our animals are a part of our family, and we are dedicated to providing excellent service for peace of mind of pet parents!

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All of the staff at Hoofs and Woofs are experienced equestrians who know how to properly handle and care for your horse or pony. We offer feeding, turn-in/turn-out, blanketing, administering medications, and other general equine care.

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From midday dog walks to overnight dog sitting,  we can a provide refreshing break from a long period alone. We offer 30 minute walks, playing ball in the back yard, feeding, and more.

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Hoofs and Woofs can feed your cat, change the litter box, and arrange play time to suit your kitty’s needs, whether it’s once a day or on a customized basis.

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We also have experience with fish, pigs, birds, reptiles and rodents!